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This is a call out to every single person in the state of WV who is tired of Jim Justice bending and giving in to the political agendas that have been forced on us for 6 months now. They have told us to trust the science from day one. Well the science now tells us that this was all for nothing!! Updated CDC records show that only 6% of all reported deaths have been solely from COVID-19. A study from The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons proved that masks are ineffective at best. They shut down the entire country using fear for political gain. Other states are fighting back. Palm Beach County, Florida just had citizens file charges against their Mayor and city council members; charges of corruption, violations of basic human rights, violations of the State and the US Constitution.

    It’s time WE THE PEOPLE let Jim Justice know we want our lives, our rights, and our FREEDOM back. There is strength in numbers, we can be a powerful voice. This is open to any and everyone that would like to get back to our normal lives. It doesn’t matter your race, religion, or political affiliation, we love and accept everyone . This does not mean we do not believe COVID-19 is real. It simply means that we, as free Americans, want back our right to choose what we believe is best for our own well being. ALL I ASK IS FOR YOU TO BE PEACEFUL!!! Absolutely no violence, hate speech, or antagonizing of any kind.


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